Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques LVC

Duration : 3 Days – 24 Hours

Overview: Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques certification validates one’s expertise in managing large data warehouses. This includes a deep understanding of Oracle features needed for designing and maintaining data warehouses, optimizing database performance, and creating business intelligence reports. Industries draw upon certified professionals to handle extensive datasets, accurately indexing, partitioning, and compressing them for quick retrieval and analysis. Effective data warehousing techniques help in making strategic decisions, improving service quality, predicting market trends, and analyzing customer behavior. Professionals with this certification are, therefore, crucial to the competitive edge and overall success of a business.

Course Content: The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: Data Warehousing Techniques course include understanding the concepts, features, and methodologies of Oracle data warehousing. It intends to impart skills to design, implement, and maintain a data warehouse using Oracle Database 19c. Learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service 19c, including partitioning, parallel operations, materialized views, and automatic workload repository. Simultaneously, they will also comprehend the use of SQL for pattern matching, statistical functions for detailed analysis, and in-memory database features. Effective data management and performance optimization in Oracle Database 19c, essential for data warehousing, will also be a significant focus.