Oracle Database 21c: New Features for Administrators LVC

Duration : 5 Days – 40 Hours


Oracle Database 21c: New Features for Administrators certification provides database administrators with skills in managing, deploying and using the latest features of Oracle Database 21c. This includes blockchain tables, automatic indexing, and enhanced JSON functionalities, among others. This certification is of significance to industries as it certifies individuals who can efficiently operate the advanced options of the Oracle Database 21c, facilitating data management, security, performance optimization, and developing advanced applications. This ensures competent database administration leading to cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and advanced business solutions. It serves as proof of upgrading technical skills necessary for the evolving digital landscape.

Course Content: The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 21c: New Features for Administricans course primarily involve gaining knowledge of the new and improved features and functionalities introduced in Oracle Database 21c. These include understanding enhancements in adaptive execution plans, real-time statistics, and high availability technologies. Participants will also learn about improvements in Oracle’s Multitenant cloud-based architecture, JSON performance enhancements, and blockchain tables. The course is designed to help administrators manage the more significant workload efficiently, perform better SQL and PL/SQL operations, and strengthen data security. Additionally, it aims at enhancing user skills in leveraging database performance and managing resources more effectively with Oracle Database 21c.