Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop (JP) Live Class

Duration : 3 Days – 24 Hours

Overview: Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop Certification is a credential that equips IT professionals with advanced skills in SQL statement tuning and performance management in Oracle Database 19c. It entails deep knowledge of database architecture, optimizer fundamentals, interpretation of execution plans, and management of SQL performance effectively. Industries extensively use this certification to ensure efficient use of Oracle databases, enhance performance, and optimize response time. It offers methods to diagnose and address sub-optimal SQL execution, making it essential for database administrators, support engineers, and technical consultants who are primarily responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting SQL performance in an Oracle database.

Course Content: The main objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop course are to acquire a thorough understanding of the Oracle Database 19c SQL tuning process. Participants should be able to understand and apply tuning methodologies, diagnose and tune common SQL related performance problems, and optimise SQL statements. They should be able to use Oracle-supplied tools for monitoring and diagnosing SQL performance issues, including Automatic Workload Repository, Oracle Exadata, and SQL Tuning Advisor. These learning objectives ensure that participants can understand and address SQL performance issues, optimizing SQL operations in their work environments.