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Consulting Services

ADVALO’s Managed Services offer customers peace of mind by managing their 24×7 IT infrastructure. With competitive pricing, our qualified professionals ensure high availability and swift response. Our services include network and systems management, monitoring, backup and storage management, security management, user management, and managed hosting. Experience cost savings while benefiting from expert assistance and efficient IT solutions.

Our Services

Your Gateway to Success Through Integration, Training, and Innovation

Advalo is your trusted partner for achieving business excellence through three core pillars:

Infrastructure & Cloud​

A wide range of IT Infrastructure solutions & services for customers across different industry segments. 


Empower your team with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Products and Solutions

Access innovative tools, from data analytics to customer engagement solutions, enhancing operational efficiency.

Networking & Security Solutions

A wide range of networking and security solutions to enhance connectivity and protect your business environment. 


ADVALO’s Managed Services offer you peace of mind by managing your 24×7 IT infrastructure.  

Managed Services​

Our Managed Services empower customers to focus on their core competencies while we handle their 24×7 IT infrastructure. 

Support and Maintenance Services​

Our Support Services that cover a wide range of services that help enterprises to optimize their IT Infrastructure. 

Resource Supply Services​

We prioritize the hiring and retention of experienced talent, offering competitive compensation ensuring commitment.  

Project Management​

Comprehensive project management services, led by experienced professionals coordinating projects for success. 

Consulting Partner In Middle East

Advalo International Solutions delivers precise solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With the rapidly changing IT landscape, expert guidance becomes essential. We strive to be your trusted consulting partner in the Middle East. Our customer support team is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions throughout all project stages, ensuring a successful outcome from start to finish. Our highly experienced, skilled, and proficient consultants bring expertise and knowledge to address your consulting requirements. As the best consulting partner in the Middle East, we have established our presence by delivering meaningful and precise solutions. We prioritize punctual delivery of results while minimizing financial pressure on our clients.

Oracle Official Partner

Searching for a Reliable Oracle Official Partner in Dubai?

Advalo International Solutions, a trusted Oracle partner in the UAE, offers expert guidance and support to elevate your business performance. As an Oracle gold partner and certified Oracle Education Center (OAEC), we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your IT requirements. With our expertise and the integration of cutting-edge systems, we help you stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape. Contact us now to unlock the full potential of Oracle solutions for your business success.

Our Benefits

By attaining our services, you can benefit from reduced costs associated with skill selection and deployment, as well as a reduction in in-house headcount. Our services optimize the workload of your skilled in-house staff and provide the opportunity to select specialized professionals based on your engagement format. As a result, you can achieve a decreased Total Cost of Ownership, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your business.

Infrastructure & Cloud

End-to-End IT Solutions and Services by ADVALO: Setting up Data Centers and Corporate Computing Environments

ADVALO offers a wide range of IT Infrastructure solutions & services for customers across different industry segments. We have tied up with all leading OEMs and ISVs to deliver latest products and solutions across different industry segments. We have expertise in designing and delivering a robust, reliable and scalable IT Infrastructure that meets your current and future requirements.

Business Solutions

Following our profound understanding of business processes and practices, we offer consulting services coupled with deployment and support for organizations ready to invest in business automation.

Comprehensive Networking & Security Solutions

ADVALO offers a wide range of networking and security solutions to enhance connectivity and protect your business environment. Our services cover network design, implementation, and robust security measures such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. We prioritize data encryption and privacy to safeguard sensitive information. Our proactive network monitoring and management solutions ensure early detection of potential security breaches. With cloud networking options and disaster recovery services, we optimize performance and ensure business continuity. Trust ADVALO for reliable and tailored networking and security solutions.


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