Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning

Duration: 5 Days – 40 Hours


The Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning certification validates expertise in managing and tuning Oracle databases to ensure effective performance. It involves topics such as diagnosis of common problems, use of statistics, object management, Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), and advisor infrastructure. Industries use this certification to verify an individual’s or team’s skills and knowledge for managing an efficient database environment. This could lead to higher database performance, reduced downtime, and improved data management, resulting in cost savings and enhanced business productivity. Potential roles suited for this certification range from Database Administrators to IT Managers, and Database Designers.

Course Content:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning course aim to equip students with the skills to effectively maintain an Oracle Database for optimal performance. Learners will understand how to utilize database advisors to proactively correct performance issues, how to manage performance through different types of tuning, including SQL tuning and SQL performance analytics. The course also aims to teach learners how to use the Oracle Diagnostic and Tuning packs and other Oracle-supplied tools to detect, diagnose and resolve performance-related issues in Oracle Databases. This training will also prepare students to operate Oracle Databases at the expert level by understanding advanced concepts and managing workloads.