Oracle Database 19c: Data Mining Techniques LVC

Duration: 2 Days – 16 Hours

Overview: Oracle Database 19c: Data Mining Techniques certification provides the opportunity for individuals to acquire skills in applying data mining techniques using the Oracle Data Miner 19c. The certification focuses on concepts of data mining tasks such as prediction, clustering, and feature selection. It is used by industries for insights into customer behavior, targeted marketing, and predicting business and market scenarios. Professionals use certified skills to design and deploy data models, apply advanced data mining algorithms, and interpret and disseminate results effectively, thereby leveraging data to make informed business choices. Oracle Data Miner’s graphical user interface ensures an easy-to-use and understandable exploration of data mining techniques.

Course Content: The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: Data Mining Techniques course are to equip participants with the skills needed to harness the capabilities of Oracle’s data mining platform. Students will learn how to develop and manage predictive analytics application, manipulate data, and interpret data mining results. They will also understand how to apply essential algorithms, including association, clustering, classification, regression, and feature extraction. Additionally, participants will acquire knowledge on leveraging Oracle Data Miner, a comprehensive, accessible interface for data mining, and explore integration with Oracle Advanced Analytics. By the end of the course, students will be adept in performing advanced data analysis, making predictive models and effectively using Oracle’s data mining tools for their organization’s business processes.