Oracle NoSQL Database for Developers

Duration : 2 Days – 16 Hours

Overview: The Oracle NoSQL Database for Developers certification is a professional credential that signifies one’s skills in working with Oracle’s NoSQL database technology. The certification covers foundational areas such as data modelling, sharding, and consistency. It also delves into advanced concepts like distributed systems and CAP theorem. It further ensures you are adept in Oracle’s NoSQL data access APIs and data definition language. Industries use this certification to validate the knowledge of professionals in managing large volume data sets across distributed, cloud scenarios effectively, ensuring data integrity and scalability with Oracle NoSQL technology. Developers holding this certification are considered experts in deploying and maintaining Oracle NoSQL databases.

Course Content: The primary learning objectives of the Oracle NoSQL Database for Developers course would be to understand the concepts and basics of NoSQL databases, and specifically the functional capacities of Oracle’s NoSQL Database. This would include learning how to install, configure, and manage Oracle NoSQL Database, understanding its architecture, and learning to write effective queries. It would also involve understanding key-value pairs, query options, data replication principles, data integrity, and consistency models in Oracle NoSQL. Additionally, practical skills in handling large scale data and enhancing database performance would be essential learning points. Other objectives may encompass learning about security measures, error handling, and optimization strategies for the Oracle NoSQL Database.