Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators

Duration : 2 Days – 16 Hours

Overview: The Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators course is designed to provide administrators with the knowledge and skills to install, configure, and manage an Oracle NoSQL Database deployment. Topics covered include understanding NoSQL technology, provisioning deployments, security, backup & recovery, and performance monitoring. This course is suitable for database administrators who have generally have a few years of experience working with relational databases, and are looking to add NoSQL technology to their toolset.

Course Content:
1. Learn to install and configure Oracle NoSQL Database.
2. Understand the concepts of Command Line Interfaces (CLI) and Java APIs.
3. Design & implement Oracle NoSQL Database using best practices.
4. Administer Oracle NoSQL Database using CLI and APIs.
5. Setup security and access control of Oracle NoSQL Database.
6. Troubleshoot and monitor Oracle NoSQL Database across different workloads.
7. Implement hot-backup and replication for high availability requirements.
8. Understand the concepts of sharding and scale-out the Oracle NoSQL Database.
9. Get insights to develop application with Oracle NoSQL Database.