Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators Ed 2

Duration : 2 Days – 16 Hours

Overview: The Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators Ed 2 certification pertains to mastery of Oracle’s NoSQL database, a scalable, distributed key-value database designed to manage high velocity data. It allows administrators to perform operations like create, read, update, and delete (CRUD). It is used by industries for data storage and management, high-speed querying, and database scalability, while maintaining data consistency. This certification verifies skills such as Database Installation and Configuration, Security, Node and Cluster Management, as well as Backup and Recovery Mechanisms. It is particularly vital for managing big data in sectors like retail, telecommunications, finance, and e-commerce.

Course Content: The learning objectives of the Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators Ed 2 course are to equip the learner with knowledge and technical skills to effectively manage Oracle NoSQL database environments. Participants will gain understanding on how to install and configure the NoSQL database, monitor and troubleshoot performance issues, and ensure smooth operation, optimizing data distribution and capacity. The course would also cover how to ensure data durability and consistency in a distributed environment which includes understanding the key capacities relating to schema design, data modelling, data replication and consistency. This learning is essential to ensure efficient management of high-velocity and high-volume data to support big data and cloud applications.