Python for Data Analytics and Machine Learning LVC

Duration: 5 Days – 40 Hours

Overview: The Python for Data Analytics and Machine Learning certification validates a professional’s understanding of data analytics and machine learning concepts using the powerful Python language. It highlights competency in handling, analyzing, and visualizing data, along with developing potent machine learning models. Industries leverage this knowledge to derive actionable insights from vast data and implement intelligent, automated solutions. From predictive analytics to AI-driven decision making, the applications are diverse and propelling business growth. The certification familiarizes professionals with Python libraries, such as Pandas for data analysis, Matplotlib for data visualization, and Scikit-learn for machine learning, which are vital tools in data science.

Course Content: The learning objectives of a Python for Data Analytics and Machine Learning course typically involve acquiring practical skills in Python programming for tackling data analytics and machine learning challenges. Students should learn how to employ Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib for data analysis and visualization. They should gain a strong understanding of Machine Learning algorithms including how to implement, analyze, and fine-tune them using scikit-learn. Another key objective is to understand how to manipulate and analyze big data sets efficiently, both locally and using cloud-based tools. Finally, understanding core concepts of Statistics and Probability as they apply to data analytics is also an objective.