Implement Machine Learning Using Oracle Data Miner LVC

Duration: 3 Days – 24 Hours


Oracle Data Miner certification encapsulates machine learning into an accessible package, enabling participants to glean insights and predict future trends from vast amounts of data. This tool, part of Oracle’s Advanced Analytics, simplifies data mining pipelines and delivers powerful predictions and insights. Once certified, individuals can create, run, evaluate, and deploy data mining models. Industries utilize Oracle Data Miner for predictions, customer segmentation, identifying key factors influencing customer churn, and detecting anomalies. This level of intelligent data analysis can optimize decision-making, improve operations, enhance customer experience, and drive competitive advantage. Fundamentally, the certification equips professionals with the ability to navigate complex data landscapes and derive meaningful outcomes.

Course Content:

The learning objectives of the course “Implement Machine Learning Using Oracle Data Miner” include understanding the basic concepts of machine learning and data mining with a focus on Oracle’s proprietary software. Learners will understand how to use Oracle Data Miner, prepare data for machine learning models, and build, evaluate, and apply these models for predictive analysis. As another course objective, attendees will also learn to interpret the results and integrate them into applications for practical use. Additionally, the course is aimed at ensuring learners can handle real-world issues related to machine learning, like overfitting and bias.