S Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Advanced Configuration for Oracle Ed 1

Duration: 4 Days – 32 Hours

Overview: The Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Advanced Configuration for Oracle Ed 1 course provides hands-on training to help students learn how to deploy, configure, and manage Oracle GoldenGate 12c for Oracle databases. The course is designed for experienced Oracle Database Administrators, as well as experienced GoldenGate Architects and Administrators. The course covers topics from a high-level overview of the Oracle GoldenGate components, to an in-depth exploration of the advanced configurations options, to an overview of the advanced uses cases, and troubleshooting. At the end of the course, students will have the skills they need to confidently set up and manage Oracle GoldenGate 12c for their Oracle databases.

Course Content:

1. Identify the main components of the GoldenGate process architecture.
2. Understand the implications of latency and throughput in the Oracle GoldenGate process.
3. Configure wildcard replication in Oracle GoldenGate and troubleshoot any associated errors.
4. Describe Oracle GoldenGate replicated transactions, transport methods, and management services.
5. Implement conflict resolution methods using Oracle GoldenGate.
6. Create and maintain replicat groups and troubleshoot common issues.
7. Manage Oracle GoldenGate transactions, performance, and scalability.
8. Examine data extraction and loading processes using Oracle GoldenGate Initial Load and Refresh.
9. Create, manage, and maintain Extract and Data Pump processes.
10. Develop strategies for Oracle GoldenGate deployment.