Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration

Duration : 5 Days – 40 Hours

Overview: The Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Implementation and Administration certification is a credential for IT professionals demonstrating expertise in managing and implementing Exadata Database Machines. This certification reflects an individual’s proficiency in managing database assets, workload management, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting. It also covers Exadata Storage Server features for optimized database performance and high availability. Industries use individuals with this certification to effectively manage and develop Oracle’s engineered systems, which contributes to improved data management and operational efficiency. It’s highly valued in sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, and telecommunication, as it supports creating robust database solutions, promoting data security, and efficient handling of large data volumes.

Course Content:

The course aims to educate participants on the fundamental aspects of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine such as its architectural framework, features, and benefits. Learners will be equipped to manage the Exadata Storage Server and implement Exadata Smart Flash Cache. Objectives also include understanding how to optimize database performance and ensure high availability. Participants will acquire skills in configuring and maintaining Exadata Storage Server security and learn how to migrate databases onto the Exadata Database Machine. Lastly, they will learn how to monitor Exadata using the standard Oracle tools, enabling students to effectively maintain the machine optimally.